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Top 3 Bicycles That You Can Easily Carry Out on Vacation

Cycling undoubtedly one of the major way to have some fun during your vacations. But it is not easy to additionally carry out a bike for vacations, because a bike never offers a shortcut way to easily pack it up. But if you use a folding bicycle, then you can have an excellent solution to commute in the new city. These folding bikes can be easily stored in the car’s trunk or a bicycle carrying bag. And that’s why these handy bikes simply transport anywhere by a little effort. But if you technically choose a lighter bike with the similar performance of a quality road bike, then the chances of carrying it here and there more easy. So, according to the goal we have gone through a deep research to find out exactly what are the true examples of these kind folding bikes.

1)Camp 20″ Alloy 8 Speed Folding Bike

This brown Camp 20” Alloy 8 speed bike can be found out into several colors while this one would be amazingly attractive. But if you want to go with other colors, you are welcome. As a quality folding bike for transporting, it’s simply lighter. But the specification of the alloy frame is completely superb as it’s not inferior, but hundred percent lighter as you want into a folding bike. They kept a perfect match with the bearing hub and bike cable that add an extra shine with this bike.  And the shimano 8 speed gears are very conventional for a high quality bike that very smooth but provides very excellent service.

2)Camp 20″ Alloy 16 Speed Folding Bike

The Camp 20” Alloy 16 Speed may be the upgraded version of Camp 20” Alloy 8 speed that is also composed with almost a massive gear range. Unfortunately, it is expensive than the previous model, but you will like it for lighting construction and powerful disc brakes. You can simply fold it with the magnet and neatly carry it out whether it would be in the trunk of your car or in the bus. It looks curby that is amazingly attractive while the 24” handlebar that adds extra reliability on your pleasure ride. Furthermore, on the exterior of the bike they also provide a small rubber protector that protects the paint from scratches.

3)Stowabike 20″ Folding City V2

The Stowabike 20” is originally a comfortable commuting bike that is conveniently affordable. This very foldable design ensures it will be simply stored in the trunk to bring it in your place. It has a rear carrying rack to carry out very needed things while the 6 speed gearing system with shimano will be an option to ride it with the required speed. Although the rims are single walled but that is almost enough as a commuting bike. And the V-brakes are also approximately powerful to brake bike anywhere. If you look for a bike in a simple budget, then it’s better than other cheap bike while it’s not inferior.