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Online hobbies: the new comic IronClawed

As well as the world of work is needed for humanity and his livelihood, on the opposite site also the leisure finds its proper use; the mind must also deserve its rest, to avoid unnecessary overwork. And it is exactly for this reason that there are hobbies: each person has his hobby that is a way to escape the monotony of everyday life, studded with disappointments and bad moments.

There are many pastimes, and everyone chooses its own, basing on the personal inclinations. A hobby nowadays widely practiced is that of reading comics, both through the classic purchase merchandise at newsstands or by reading online.

The comic books are widely varied: there are comics suitable for kids, for teens, for girls, and there also comic books for adults.

Recently, due to the increasing development of shopping sites on the Internet, the comic demand increases enormously. At this point, it should be noted that there is a very innovative comic, experimental and really appreciated by the public, especially by teenagers: I am talking about “” site, a new and dynamic website. The cartoon depicted in this site is set in a world where the Second World War has never come to an end, where the inhabitants that populate it have a green or orange complexion and have a low level of technology, relying on only a few advanced tools. It follows, therefore, a parallel universe profoundly different from the one we live in, where the danger of war is always close to each person and where people must deal with the fearsome army of Kragen, leader of the Fourth German Reich. In “”, opposed to the Nazi army, there are the Allied Forces, composed of the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom, eager to stop the enemy advance.

This is therefore the context in which the story of “” is set and you already get the urge to read it. The story in fact talks about a utopian universe but not too much, in which the whole world is at the mercy of warlords and cannot know anything about its fate, sensing only the worst.