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Must See Tours in China

China is a country that has a bit of everything. Many of the biggest cities in the world are here, with Shanghai alone claiming over 20 million residents. Beyond the urban sprawl is also a number of lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys and much more just waiting to be explored. Add to that the unique animals that call this region of Asian home, the tasty food, and the incredible people and it is easy to see why so many millions of people around the world come visit the country each and every year. If you are planning a trip to China, take a look at the following attractions and tours that you really must consider putting on your itinerary.

Tour the Yellow Mountains National Park

A visit to the Yellow Mountains in China will heighten your awareness of all your senses. This is a scenic area located in close proximity to Shanghai and Hangzhou. You can enjoy the sun rising over the mountains in the morning, complete with mist cover skies and twisted pine trees all around you. When you are ready for something really new, you can experience the hot springs that also make this area famous. This is consistently rated as one of the top national parks in all of China, so it makes for a great tour.

Watch the Giant Pandas in Chengdu

The Giant Pandas are special animals. You cannot appreciate them until you see them up close and personal. Once you do, you will will realize why they have become so loved by the Chinese. Within a few hours of Chengdu you will find three different and distinct places to watch these pandas interact in their natural habitat. If you will really want to experience what it is like to take care of these creatures, you can even take part in a volunteer program that is educational, enriching, and fun.

Visit the Potala Palace in Lhasa

This palace has become the symbol of Tibet and is UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. You will learn a great deal about the history of Tibet, its religion, culture, and art. It is stunning both outside and inside, and a tour here will have you looking at ancient sculpture, Buddhist statues, and so much more. This is one of the tour packages in China that you will want to take part in.

See the Bund in Shanghai

Shanghai really lights up at night, and it has some world class architecture that is absolutely stunning to see. Out of all the buildings that have been erected in this city of more then twenty million, The Bund has emerged as perhaps its most recognizable symbol. It is here that you will find a mix of colonial era European buildings and skyscrapers, A visit here at night will find all of the buildings lit up, forming quite a spectacle. This district was the most prosperous area of the city as recently as the early 20th century. This is when the first ever British company in the city opened its offices at the Bund. It defines elegance and that same look remains to this day.

Head Over To the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong

With its recent handover, Hong Kong is now part of China. Hop over there during your visit to the region in order to take a tour of Victoria Harbor. It is here that you will have a spectacular view of Victoria Peak. This is the best spot to see much of the Hong Kong skyline, as it extends all the way to mainland China. At night, you will be able to see the Symphony of Lights, which has many of the buildings doing a dance with their lights.

While there are certainly many more tours that you can take part in while in China, this will get you a glimpse of what the country is all about. At every stop, you will get to experience the country and its history in ways that you could never ascertain from just reading a guide book. From the food to the people, and the historical sites to the natural beauty, at the end of your journey you will have a deeper appreciation for this land. Just remember to make sure there is plenty of room on your camera for all of the great pictures that you will take.