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4 Reasons on Using Credit Cards as Your Travel Partner

End of year holidays will arrive. They offer promos, not to mention the tourist attractions. We have 4 reasons why you should use a credit card holiday. So many interesting tourist destinations and various facilities on offer. Tourist sites and transport services provide attractive offers. Speaking of vacation, of course with regard to the budget. Have you set up a budget as written on  to plan the holidays with family or friends? Are you going to use the facilities of a credit card or use cash on a vacation trip? Come, see the comparison.

Vacation with Credit Card

competing to provide attractive offers from a variety of credit card product features. For credit card users, this is a great chance that you can use the Credit Card in terms of facilities. The presence of credit cards allow you to design a course of vacation plans, ranging from the search for the plane ticket, searching for tourist sites, to rented accommodation.

Promo Transport

Transport services provide special rates for credit card holders, such as discounts on air tickets.  Flight Schedules waiting in airport lounges. This facility is widely used on credit card users while waiting for the flight schedule to arrive. Some airport lounges are available at airports domestically and internationally, to provide facilities
eat and drink for free for a certain credit card users. As credit card from HSBC that provides facilities Airport Lounge for the HSBC Gold credit card, HSBC Platinum, Signature HSBC and HSBC Premier. Gold credit card holders can enjoy facilities Airport lounge with 22,500 points to redeem rewards / person. For HSBC Platinum, Signature HSBC and HSBC Premier needless to exchange reward points, as the card has three features a complimentary airport lounges.

Hotel discounts

Enjoy the hotel facilities at the rates already discounted, of course interesting things from a holiday trip. Such as HSBC which features card holder. Some hotels that have established cooperation with HSBC provides discounts ranging from 15 to 35{3038cbff9364d22cd7d8763665dc04004f45cb648e30b0a865fac090bccc88af}. Promo This can save the budget cost of the holiday, of course.

Promo Restaurants

Again, credit card users are given the facility with a variety of outlets promo restaurants that give discounts for credit card users from certain Bank. Suppose you are going on vacation to Bandung, ANZ cooperate with the Sierra
Cafe to give promo save 30{3038cbff9364d22cd7d8763665dc04004f45cb648e30b0a865fac090bccc88af} on all types of credit cards ANZ.
Promo Travel Locations You can save the cost of a budget vacation, if you are visiting tourist sites already established cooperation with several bank credit card provider. So many interesting features that offer of credit card features. But of course, you have to remain keen in arranging the transaction list and prudence in the use of credit cards.

Here are 3 tips that you can follow to prepare for the holiday using a credit card:

  • Make sure you are not going to fret after vacation. In that sense, all the transactions you’ve had your account. So the number of bill payments either minimum paymen or full payment is not made you surprised
  • Users should be wary of credit cards in online transactions. There are good, transact online in places that have been working with the credit card you used.
  • Do not depend on the available card limit. While on vacation, a credit card user should also have cash.

Besides beneficial to get a variety of promos enjoy the holidays, of course, the credit card can facilitate all your transactions for other things.